An absolute must for fans of white wine: the elegant Riesling, classics of the winemaker’s art such as Neuburger and Pinot Blanc and the charming Muskateller. These wines love the soil of the Kremstal valley. We give them lots of attention, just as their individual characters demand. And they give us the very highest quality in return.

Riesling Kaiserstiege 2019

Crystal-clear and precise, straightforward and lively. Mineral aromas lend their weight to apricot and peach fruit. Taut and cool, delicate and elegant.

Ried Moosburgerin 2018

Minimal yields guarantee intensity, chalky loess provides austere vitality. Both aspects combine with the grape’s delicate, complex aromas. A classical Riesling from one of the region’s great terroirs.

Ried Steingraben 2018

The name says it all. The Steingraben vineyards embody the interaction of vine, rock and wind. A product of the soil, its complexity manifests itself in slightly smoky hints and is supported by refreshingly fruity and gentle floral notes.

Konglomerat 2018

Creamy and full-bodied, spicy and full of aroma. In short: a Pinot Blanc with substance and potential. Its vines are shaped by the steep loess soil terraces of Gedersdorf, with the winemaker’s distinctive signature playing a decisive role.

Gelber Muskateller 2019

Vibrant and perfumed, light-bodied and vivacious, delicate and fragrant. Loess provides structure, crunchy and ripe grapes add tons of fruit. Muskateller just the way we like it.

Gemischter Satz 2019

An old tradition newly revived. Depending on the vintage, our Gemischter Satz comprises five to seven varieties. Harvested and vinified together, they guarantee a light, easy-going, fruity wine.

Ried Vordernberg 2018

The perfect couple. Neuburger needs sun, lime and loess, all of which the Vordernberg vineyards have in abundance. Powerful and concentrated. The apple and herb aromas of its youth give way to more exotic notes as the wine matures.